Lindsey McGowen

Kris & Amanda

Shannon Connors

Episode 75 – Shannon Connors

What happens when you prepare your whole life for a future in musical theater and then you graduate college in a pandemic? If you are like Shannon Connors, you learn even more about yourself and gain new perspectives. And while your move to NYC might be postponed, it isn’t canceled!

Leanne Fitzgerald

Episode 74 – Leanne Fitzgerald

Kristin Denehy

Episode 73 – Kristin Denehy

There isn’t enough time to name drop just how many top acts Kristin Denehy has worked with (*NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Home Free, Pentatonix…), nor what enormous productions she’s choreographed (The Sing-Off, MTV, Critic’s Choice…). You’ll just have to listen to find out more, plus hear her advice for a cappella groups performance planning

Ariel Arbisser

Ariel Arbisser does not hold back – and nor should she. Vocal HERspective talks with her about the benefits of authenticity and pushing boundaries and why you should feel empowered to be yourself, no matter what.

Stephanie Dietz

Episode 71 – Stephanie Dietz

Sometimes we bring on a guest that has no idea why she was asked to come on the show. But Stephanie Dietz came to us all in a unique way and adds so much to the a cappella community, so you don’t want to miss this episode of Vocal HERspective!

Mason Van Gieson

Episode 70 – Mason Van Gieson

What’s your story? How are you choosing to tell it? Are you setting yourself and your group up for success? That’s what’s on tap for this week’s episode with guest Mason Van Gieson! Mason is an alumna of Amazin’ Blue and now sings with VICE A Cappella, BLACKOUT, and Bridges in NYC.

Zoe D’Andrea

Episode 69 – Zoe D’Andrea

A Cappella Academy? Legacy A Cappella? The SoCal VoCals? And now Netflix? Not a bad resume for someone still in college! Kris and Amanda sit down with the amazing Zoe D’Andrea for an uplifting chat with this inspiring young woman on this week’s episode.

Epic – Part 2

Episode 68 – Epic Part 2

Tune into Vocal HERspective for part 2 of an incredible interview with Epic. The conversation with these incredible Harmony, Incorporated Queens. If you missed part 1, download it now!

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