Ann McAlexander

Episode 93 – Ann McAlexander

Sandi Wright

Episode 90 – Sandi Wright

Samantha Tramack

Morgan La Croix

Wendy Spilker

Episode 84 – Wendy Spilker

Sara Wood

Linda Brehaut

Episode 80 – Linda Brehaut

Epic – Part 2

Episode 68 – Epic Part 2

Tune into Vocal HERspective for part 2 of an incredible interview with Epic. The conversation with these incredible Harmony, Incorporated Queens. If you missed part 1, download it now!

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Epic – Part 1

Episode 67 – Epic, Part 1

We’re still getting to know our new host Kris, so we decided to bring in her squad. In the first of a 2-part interview, Amanda sits down with all of the lovely ladies of Epic the 2012 Harmony, Incorporated Queens.

Tessa Walker

This week on Vocal HERspective is an interview with Tessa Walker – Harmony, Incorporated Harmony Queen and Sweet Adelines International Rising Star with Hot Pursuit Quartet and music educator toughing it out in the temporary normal.