Theresa Weatherbee

Episode 101 – Theresa Weatherbee

Ann McAlexander

Episode 93 – Ann McAlexander

Sandi Wright

Episode 90 – Sandi Wright

Samantha Tramack

Morgan La Croix

Wendy Spilker

Episode 84 – Wendy Spilker

Sara Wood

Linda Brehaut

Episode 80 – Linda Brehaut

Epic – Part 2

Episode 68 – Epic Part 2

Tune into Vocal HERspective for part 2 of an incredible interview with Epic. The conversation with these incredible Harmony, Incorporated Queens. If you missed part 1, download it now!

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Epic – Part 1

Episode 67 – Epic, Part 1

We’re still getting to know our new host Kris, so we decided to bring in her squad. In the first of a 2-part interview, Amanda sits down with all of the lovely ladies of Epic the 2012 Harmony, Incorporated Queens.