Pat Silver

Sara Wood

Linda Brehaut

Episode 80 – Linda Brehaut

The Flame

Tiffany Haigler

On Episode 78, we welcome guest Tiffany Haigler, president of Capital Blend and member of the Board of Directors for the Contemporary A Cappella League. In the same way that her smile lights up a room, the positive energy she brings to her interview will brighten up you evening. She talks about her group’s secrets to success as they find time for their passions while they navigate all of the challenges of adulthood together.

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Lindsey McGowen

Kris & Amanda

Shannon Connors

Episode 75 – Shannon Connors

What happens when you prepare your whole life for a future in musical theater and then you graduate college in a pandemic? If you are like Shannon Connors, you learn even more about yourself and gain new perspectives. And while your move to NYC might be postponed, it isn’t canceled!

Leanne Fitzgerald

Episode 74 – Leanne Fitzgerald

Kristin Denehy

Episode 73 – Kristin Denehy

There isn’t enough time to name drop just how many top acts Kristin Denehy has worked with (*NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Home Free, Pentatonix…), nor what enormous productions she’s choreographed (The Sing-Off, MTV, Critic’s Choice…). You’ll just have to listen to find out more, plus hear her advice for a cappella groups performance planning